Because Toyota’s on it’s Way

Because Toyota’s on it’s Way

Yep, the first foreign manufacturer ever in NASCAR history. When the Toyota Tundra’s take to Daytona International Speedway next February, it will be history. And by 2006, Toyota will be competing for the Winston Cup Manufacturer’s championship (assuming it’s still the Winston Cup). Everybody seems to be up in arms about it. Foreign manufacturer? It must be a cold day in hell. My opinion? I’m in heaven.

No, I don’t exclusively support foreign manufacturers nor have I turned my back on the great nation of the United States. I am just excited about a new manufacturer entering NASCAR. I don’t have any ties to any make exclusively. I do not root for Chevy’s or Fords, not even Pontiac nor Dodge. But a fifth manufacturer would be interesting. I wonder who will go to Toyota, how many Ford teams, Chevy teams, Dodge teams, and Pontiac teams will turn. Will there be a new team backed solely by Toyota, such as Evernham Motorsports and Dodge? Or will established teams like Richard Childress, Rick Hendrick, or Roush Racing switch makes?

Because Toyota’s on it’s WayAfter entering in 2001, Dodge has gone from 10 teams at the beginning of 200 to 14 at the beginning of 2003. While a couple from it’s original line up has disappeared (Melling, the #44 Petty), More have joined. Such teams as Penske, BAM, and Ultra Motorsports have switched to Dodge. The Dodge effort has grown to be the largest stable in Winston Cup right now.

Let’s not forget the first team to have any connection to Toyota: Bill Davis Racing. This team put it’s neck on the line to help Toyota, and they have been cut off by Dodge. I remember racking my brain a couple of weeks ago trying to figure out who I thought would join Toyota, and I kept coming back to BDR. While this whole problem seems like it’s Dodge having a problem with BDR, don’t forget that Davis is a savvy businessman who may have dropped Dodge. Perhaps Toyota will give BDR money to pay for Dodge parts and wind tunnel time. Then, Davis will have his cake and eat it too-his team will drive Dodges until Toyota arrives, and he doesn’t go broke doing it. He also gets to help out Toyota in it’s quest to enter NASCAR.

I can’t wait until the arrival of Toyota. It will get more money flowing, the competition will become greater, and it may open up some more teams. If only America, car makes, NASCAR fans, team owners, crew members, and drivers were as excited as I am.

How To Take Care Of Your Car

How To Take Care of Your Car

How To Take Care Of Your CarAll car owners must do regular maintenance work to ensure their car remains in a tip-top shape. The thing is if you don’t take care of your car, it might not function properly. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can take care of your car in an effective way by sharing the best tips with you. Let’s have a quick look at the article.

  1. You should clean the car inside out: When you are keeping your car clean, it’s like you are keeping your room clean. When somebody will enter into your car and observe everything is clean and shiny, he or she will be impressed. As for the car condition, cleaning inside out will make sure your car is performing at an optimum level. Otherwise, your car will become dirty and attract grime, which can damage your car eventually.
  2. You should change your oil after using 5,000 to 7,500 miles: Changing oil after a certain time is key to keeping your car in good shape. We all can get accustomed to a specific brand and ultimately, not change the oil brand entirely. Note that synthetic oil such as Mobil 1 is good for almost all types of cars. Now, if you don’t change your oil, your car engine can get damage permanently. For example – car engine needs oil to lubricate and stop generating detergents. In that case, changing oil brand after a period of time is necessary.
  3. You should check your tire pressure each month and rotate them after 7,500 miles: You should keep in mind an incorrect tire pressure can create lots of problems to your car including instability, poo breaking, flat tire, and less gas mileage. Therefore, you have to check your tire pressure regularly with a gauge. In addition, you need to rotate your tire often to ensure they are wearing evenly. In this way, you will be able to bring balance to your tire pressure. On a side note, if you decide to change your tires entirely, you will have to fork out around $750. On the other hand, tire pressure gauge and rotation will cost a maximum $50. So, checking them on a regular basis is far more effective than changing them entirely.
  4. How To Take Care Of Your CarYou should get your brake pads replaced after 25,000 miles: You heard us right! Changing the brake pads of your car is significant to keep your car in good condition. The thing is sooner or later, your brakes will wear down. In fact, there might be loss brake power at high temperatures. In that case, if you do due diligence on brake pads regularly, it will make sure you avoid any dangerous accidents. Now, if you neglect this issue, you will brake pads will wear down eventually, leading to a falling brake rotator. As a result, you might need to spend a maximum of $600 to replace them. So, never every neglect your brake pads.
  5. You should be careful of your rear view mirror’s condition: All cars have a rear view mirror and it is one of the important parts of any car. In that sense, you should always be careful about your mirror. As a matter of fact, a rear view mirror will offer you driving advantage such as giving your sights in a backward direction. So, keeping it clean is fundamental to your driving and car.


In conclusion, we can only say that having a car with effective components is like a blessing from the God. It becomes more important if you have to drive long road every day. So, let us know what you think by commenting below.

Newman wins from the pole again

Newman wins from the pole again!

Ryan Newman pulled off a dominating run on Sunday in Pocono. He took this race from the pole position, led the most laps, and brought his #12 Dodge in for the win. This is his fourth win of the season, and surpasses Kurt Busch as the series win leader. Kurt Busch by contrast has 3 wins so far this season. This is also the fourth time Busch has finished the Brides Maid. Newman not only holds the win list with 4 victories, but his four wins are the sum total of wins for Dodge this season. Newman dominated early in the race, then faded back a bit after the first round of pit stops when he had to pit a little earlier than the rest of field. This eventually played into his effort to win, as he regained the lead late enough in the race, and held on.

It was everything Kurt Busch could do to catch up to the leader following the final set of pit stops. He was among the drivers to make a pit stop during that last yellow, and take on fuel & tires. That certainly helped him as he started working his was to the front during the closing laps, advancing past top ten drivers with each passing lap. He was able to catch Newman, but not able to pass him. He made a few challenges in the final few laps, but just didn’t have enough for him. He did manage to get Newman’s car to wiggle a little with a couple to go, but all that did was strengthen Newman’s resolve as he continued to hold Busch off.

Newman wins from the pole againNewman said “I had to use defensive measures to keep the air of his nose.” But hold him off he did, and logged in his 4th win of the season. Dale Earnhardt Jr had a strong run today too, and wound finishing in third place, with team mate Michael Waltrip right behind him in fourth place. Terry Labonte rounds out the top five finishers for Sundays race.

We mentioned on Saturday that this would come down to a fuel mileage race. It appears we weren’t wrong on that part, though the late race caution flags seemed to have removed that factor. But removing the fuel mileage factor with only a few to go really didn’t change much, as they pit strategy leading up to this had already played itself out.

Local driver Ricky Rudd made his 700th career start this week. However, all the hoopla involving this start met for an early end when he ran into problems with his engine. In the end he only finished 121 of the 200 lap race. Despite the troubles it was a major mile stone in his career.

And speaking of engines, we had a few of them spew this week. Both the Joe Gibb’s cars succumbed to engine failures, first out was defending series champion Tony Stewart. Bobby Labonte lasted less than 30 laps longer before his engine started to spew oil & smoke, eventually sending him spinning into the wall. Ricky Craven also suffered engine problems and finished the day early.

We also saw quite a few cars wreck, including Jeff Gordon, Casey Mears, Jeremy Mayfield, and Mark Martin. Derrike Cope completed only 66 laps, and Morgan Shepherd claimed to have handling problems after completing only 44 laps. As for Shepherd, if this is starting to look like a planned program to you, then you’re not alone!

Newman wins from the pole againAs for the series points, Matt Kenseth is still holding the lead, and has a very comfortable margin to boot. He’s managed to spread the gap to 232 points, and could literally sit out one race and still lead the series. This is a great margin to have, as it’s always possible that something could happen to him during one of these races and wind up with a DNF. It’s important to both him and car owner Jack Roush to maintain the lead in their bid for the championship. Consistency has been the key here, as he’s only won once race so far this season. He refuses to let complacency rule the day though, as he’s said numerous times that taking a conservative role usually leads to trouble.

That being said, we’re sure he’s backed away from certain situations in order to ensure he finishes the race with a fairly good position. He’s not dodging the bullet so to speak, but he’s not pushing it for everything it’s worth either. Winning the championship is far more important than winning a race, or trying to win too hard and winding up with a DNF instead.

As for the championship picture, it took a slight shake-up this week, as Jeff Gordon’s DNF didn’t help him in his bid for the championship. Gordon was second in the points leading into this event, and he’s a very potent driver to running that high on the championship leader board. But he fell to third this week, as Dale Earnhardt Jr moved up into second place. Jimmie Johnson and Bobby Labonte round out the top five in the standings.

Next week it’s on to the one of the most prestigious events of the season, the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is a big event, with a big race purse. You’re going to see a lot of drivers come out of the woodwork for this one, as they attempt to make the show. Those that can even make a start here, will walk away with a comfortable purse even if they finish last.

The Indy Racing League

The Indy Racing League: the Next NASCAR

Yup, that’s right. I said it. I think the Indy Racing League is well on it’s way to competing with NASCAR for America’s top racing series. Right now, NASCAR is whooping all of its competitors, but with the shows being put on by the IRL, it’s only a matter of time before everybody catches on. The competition, the sponsorship, the tracks, the teams, the drivers, there is no way you can ignore the IRL.

The single biggest reason for me saying this, is the drama around last year’s final race. The IRL point leader, Sam Hornish Jr., came into the final race with a slim 12-point lead after taking the lead with a win the race one week earlier (at Chicagoland). The second place driver was two-time Indy 500 champ Helio Castroneves, a fan favorite who is also know as “Spider-man”, for his post-win celebrations. The difference between first and second in an IRL race is 12 points. And the race was to take place at the IndyCar version of Talladega and Daytona, Texas Motor Speedway.

The Indy Racing LeagueWith seven laps to go, Hornish pulled to the outside of leader Castroneves. First and second in the standings, battling for the win and the championship. Side-byside, lap after lap, Hornish and Castroneves battled. Sometimes another car would peek in the battle, but would fade in a lap or so. Hornish and Castoneves were still side-by-side as they came to take the white flag. As the drove into turn one, Castroneves got a little bit in front of Hornish, as he had the inside line. As they cam off of two, Hornish pulled back into the lead, albeit by a nose. They dove into three, and Castorneves’s nose peeked out front again. They came off of four, and Hornish ran higher then usual, jumping up the RPMs and pulling out the win and championship, by just a nose. Just incredibly exciting. Neither man could back off, as Hornish needed a win to guarantee the championship, and Castroneves needed a win to get the most points possible and to give himself the best chance to win the championship.

Only the week before did Hornish set the closest finish with a similar side-by-side duel with the legendary Al Unser Jr. Two consecutive races where the win was decided by inches. Hornish also worked a similar wonder early in the season at California, beating Jacques Lazier by less than a hundreth of a second. These are all tracks NASCAR goes to on their schedule, but they didn’t produce three finishes like these. It’s almost a travesty that NASCAR is the series getting all of the attention.

But, the IRL has made significant strides since the beginning of 2002. That was the time when Penske Racing announced it was jumping from the much older CART series to the IRL. That was a major shift in power in the Indy Car wars, as Penske was a CART mainstay, pretty much since the inception of the series. Penske drivers Gil de Ferran and Castroneves quickly started competing for the championship. It is a lot easier to go from road course to oval then oval to road course (but I still think that F1 drivers wouldn’t be able to hold their own in NASCAR). They immediately came in and challenged reigning champ Hornish. It almost looked like a Penske sweep of the top two spots. They claimed several wins in the early part of the season, including a Castroneves win in the Indianapolis 500. But Hornish went on a tear, and at Chicagoland, then point leader de Ferran crashed, injuring himself and giving the point lead to Hornhish. You know the rest.

The Indy Racing LeagueAfter 2002, several CART drivers jumped ship to the IRL. Michael Andretti, Tony Kanaan, Kenny Brack, Scott Dixon, Tora Takagi, and Dario Franchitti all jumped ship. With the exception of Brack, none of these drivers had ever competed in a full season in the IRL. Michael is the winningest driver in CART history, while Franchitti and Brack have competed for the championship in the past couple of years. In fact, de Ferran and Brack competed all year in 2001 for the championship, with the nod going to de Ferran after a late-year charge. Also, engine manufacturers Honda and Toyota jumped to the IRL as well, leaving only Ford to power CART vehicles. Not only that, the Twin Ring Motegi race track jumped ship as well, making last month’s race there the first time the IRL has raced outside the U.S. Motegi isn’t the first track to move to the IRL from CART. Last year, the IRL had it’s first race at Michigan International Speedway. CART no longer makes stops at Michigan.

Is the IRL the next NASCAR? It may be. If it continues to put on the kind of shows it has, the world can’t ignore it. While there are bad races (Gateway and Homestead don’t produce much good racing anywhere), the good definitley outweighs the bad. Watch out Mike Helton. Tony George is coming for you.

One last note: Big props to Homestead-Miami Speedway for taking steps to produce good racing. I am so excited now about this year’s Ford Championship Weekend, because this banking might produce close, side-by-side racing that all fans love. It might take a couple of years for grooves to develop, but hopefully 5 years down the road, Homestead-Miami Speedway will produce finishes closer than Darlington’s .002 finish.

How to Snap Awesome Photos of Night-Sky Objects with Your Smartphone

When there is a full moon, you cannot help but gaze upon the bright light around the world. As sure as hell, you would be tempted to share your capture during the full moon Instagram as many other folks like you do the same. But, how do you snap the best images from a luminous full moon?Well, it’s not as hard as you think of it because with a smartphone, you can take any kind of picture within a second. So, in this article, we are going reveal some tips to snap awesome photos of night-sky objects with a smartphone. Let’s have a peek at the article.

What is astrophotography?

At first, you need to understand astrophotography, which is fundamental to capturing images with a smartphone. An astrophotography is a picture or an image of any kind celestial object. For your better understanding, we will also talk about atmospheric phenomena like the meteors or satellites.

Milky Way or Star trails need long exposures, meaning that these atmospheric phenomena follow the sky while the earth is rotating. Therefore, you must learn to navigate the aperture and exposure settings of your smartphone. Afterwards, you can take snaps for hours and wait for it to be printed. Additionally, modern smartphones have digital cameras, which allow us to see us better.

Therefore, we can take pictures whenever we have a perfect moment. Not to mention, there are instant feedback and settings parameters. To add to these facts, there are image sensors and they vary in pixel resolution, size, and other factors. In truth, you will be able to capture full-bright color images in a variety of lighting conditions.

How to capture images of a moon?

At first, you should fix the settings of your surroundings. You can go to a dark area where there is no light pollution. After that, you should clean the camera lens using a soft cloth. It will remove any smudges, which could potentially create a glow effect. Now, you can use a tripod and a remote trigger to stabilize the phone. After setting things up, you can now fix your smartphone settings and take fine pictures of the moon.

How to capture images of trace star trails?

As the earth is rotating on its axis, the stars appear to move in curves. The path in which the stars go is known as the star trails. So, if you wish to snap the trace of star trails, you should adjust the camera settings. Because you will need a long exposure to take this kind of images. To do that you can install some specific apps, for example – the NightCap Pro. It is easy to set up as there is a preset mode for snapping trace of star trails. Now, you should minimize the light pollution, just like you did for moon photos and keep the lens clean and clear to ensure the stability of the camera.

How to take pictures of the planet?

To snap up the images of shiny planets (like the Saturn or Jupiter) across the universe, you should use a telescope with a smartphone. Initially, you should use an app – ProShot or Manual. With the app, you could capture multiple photos in RAW format. Afterwards, you can combine the images with software like Deep Sky Stacker. Note that you can take pictures smoothly if your smartphone is mounted on top of the telescope. In this way, you could take thousands of share-worthy images of different planets.

Bottom Line

To finish off, we want to say our generation has seen several state-of-the-art technologies including smartphone revolution. With a smartphone on your side, you can take hundreds of awe-inspiring photos of night-sky objects at ease. So, let us know if you have anything to share with us by commenting below.

How to Install a Gun Safe in a Car

How to Install a Gun Safe in a Car

You can carry a firearm if you are over 18 years of age. And you can legalize the proceedings if you obtain a license from your state government. With that being said, if you are to keep a gun in your home, you must know how to install a gun safe, especially in the car. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can do that. Let’s have a quick look at the article.

The rules and regulations related to carrying a firearm

Before we explain the ways to install a gun safe, you must know the rules and restrictions regarding the firearm. The rules of keeping may vary from state to state in the USA. Some states may need you to keep the pistol unloaded and be carried in the trunk of the car. On the other hand, some states will have strict rules for interstate transportation of guns. Violating the rules may lead to charges, which you have to pay in either cash or jail sentence. Not to mention different places such as the post officer or education institution or church have specific instructions to keep a fire gun.

How to install a gun safe?

When you are installing a gun safe in a car, you don’t have to go through a complex installation process. There are several reasons behind this reasoning. First of all, the car gun safes are produced from high-quality steel. So, you can’t just cut them through. There is a metal cable attached to the car safes as well. When this cable is in place, your car gun safe is ready for use. In a sense, installing a car gun is much easier than any other types of gun safes.

You should know that some gun safes can be moved easily from one place to another. Likewise, if you can carry your gun safe from one car to another, it will make things a lot easier for you. On a side note, a car gun safe is always kept out of eye view, which makes them a special kind of firearm safe.

Furthermore, you can install a gun safe in your car if you simply bolt the safe in your car. This is one of the popular methods. What you have to do is go to a mechanic and ask him or her to bolt it in a nondescript location within the car. In this way, you could have a permanent gun safe in your car. In addition, you will see some gun safes are mountable, meaning that you can attach them when necessary. After serving your purpose, you can easily detach them below the surface. The amazing part of this kind of gun safe is they are easy-to-install and you can hide them in a hidden location within your car. Here are some of the best gun safes for your car:

  1. The Harley Vault
  2. In Car Safe
  3. Console Vault


When you are keeping a gun with you, you should take the responsibility seriously. People who keep a gun safe in their car are commendable because other persons could use their car. Knowing this fact, you should buy the best car gun safe and install it in an appropriate way. If you have any suggestion regarding car gun safe, feel free to add your opinion in the comments below.


How to Drive Safely in Snow

Driving in snow and ice is tricky to master – but here are some tips that should help with more ice and snow forecast, it’s time for many of us to revisit the skills and precautions required for safe winter driving.

Driving in such extreme wintry conditions is fraught with inherent risk, so it should always be avoided. But if you really have to venture out, there are a few things you can do and techniques you can use to make sure you stay as safe as you possibly can.

So if you’re daunted by the idea of driving when the snow lays thick and even, have a read through our advice guide – it might make you feel a little more at ease.

How to drive safely in snow?

Accelerate and decelerate slowly

Applying the gas slowly to accelerate is the best method for regaining traction and avoiding skids. Don’t try to get moving in a hurry. And take time to slow down for a stoplight. Remember: It takes longer to slow down on icy roads.

Drive slowly

Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads. Accelerating, stopping, and turning – nothing happens as quickly as on dry pavement. Give yourself time to maneuver by driving slowly. The normal dry pavement following distance of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds. This increased margin of safety will provide the longer distance needed if you have to stop.

Know your brakes

Whether you have antilock brakes or not, the best way to stop is threshold breaking. Keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use the ball of your foot to apply firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal.

Don’t stop if you can avoid it

There’s a big difference in the amount of inertia it takes to start moving from a full stop versus how much it takes to get moving while still rolling. If you can slow down enough to keep rolling until a traffic light changes, do it.

Don’t power up hills

Applying extra gas on snow-covered roads just starts your wheels spinning. Try to get a little inertia going before you reach the hill and let that inertia carry you to the top. As you reach the crest of the hill, reduce your speed and proceed down hill as slowly as possible.

Don’t stop going up a hill

There’s nothing worse than trying to get moving up a hill on an icy road. Get some inertia going on a flat roadway before you take on the hill.

Bottom Line

If you really don’t have to go out, don’t. Even if you can drive well in the snow, not everyone else can. If you don’t have somewhere you have to be, watch the snow from indoors. Snowy conditions can make driving a real challenge for motorists and can even lead to an accident.With this in mind it is crucial to prepare yourself adequately before embarking on a journey in the snow.It is worth knowing how to prepare yourself and your car, while also considering different ways to approach your driving when faced with adverse conditions.


How to Go for Hunting With Trail Camera

How to Go for Hunting With Trail Camera

As you know the success of a hunting mission relies solely on the ability to learn from the past mistakes. Most of the hunters know and understand that a wicked case of buck fever can easily cause harm to your awareness, impacting your whole mission. In fact, you can miss a sure target within a single second. Therefore, if you can review fault and lay out the mistakes accurately, you can reduce the risk of being burned out on a mission. In that sense, having a trail camera on your side would do a world of good as they can save your hunt by proving flawless pictures. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the reasons to buy trail camera for your hunting mission. Let’s move ahead and read out the article in full.

A trail camera will help you in timing your hunt

If you are going after a clever buck which is revealing trail camera images infrequently, you should be careful. On a side note, if these pictures from the nighttime, you must be sure that he is not nocturnal. Now, both of these situations are a pointer for you as they are explaining the buck’s probable visit time and the frequency, revealing the perfect time to hunt him down. On the other hand, some bucks will provide their mugs shot when there is daylight. For this reason, you can hunt time anytime during the season. So, you cannot distinguish this fact if you don’t have a trail camera and this is why you should buy one.

A trail camera will time your hunting habitat

If you are hunting a mature buck in the summer season, you have to be careful. The thing is these bucks would not fall into your habitat as luring them is hard. They need a different type habitat during the summer compared to that of the fall season. In fact, they need high-value foods such as beans, weeds, grasses, and hays. As a result, they live within the high-over store shade of mature hardwoods and low stem count habitats. When the fall season begins, they will require cool food sources like green cereal, brassicas, and corn. So, altogether, you could take pictures of these kinds of habitats with a trail camera and make your own habitat. In this way, you have the chance of catching and hunting a lot of mature bucks.

A trail camera would help you in recognizing the bedding area

Since you can capture images at a stable rate with a trail cam, you don’t need to use the video mode often. All images will reveal each location and you can adjust your cam settings according to a specific location. But still, this revealing of location and specifics are amazing as you can locate where the mature buck is coming from or where it is traveling to. In case, the buck is moving before the dark, he would be going to his bedding area. Also, you can identify his food sources as well. In addition, when you are getting frequent morning pictures, you will have its morning location in the bedding area. If you see a mature buck is arriving from the distant woodlots, it will arrive late in the night. In short, you will have a clear sight of his bedding area, which you can use it to good effect for hunting.

A trail camera will teach you the hunting pressure management

Are you getting irrelevant pictures – like you are seeing a whole bunch of bucks but in a short space of time they are gone? If this is the issue, you should note that you will get a lot of pictures during and after your hunting week. In some cases, you might find out that a local doe family group is staring consistently while the mature bucks are gone in a whisker. So, it will be a confusing situation for you as you need to make a decision based on these inconsistent patterns. What you need to do in this situation is you have to study your trail camera pictures. By then you will be able to discover a clear pattern of the mature bucks. You will even get the parcel boundaries in which they are moving. In truth, a trail cam will teach you to deal with the hunting pressure management.

Bottom Line

Long story short, the trail camera is hugely beneficial for the hunters, especially the whitetail hunters. So, if you have anything to share with us, please leave a comment below.